Air is a nightclub near the Rembrandtplein area. Dance to electronic music played by well known DJ's, or if you can afford it, chill out and rent a VIP table with seats. Club Air consists of several adjacent spaces and has space for a maximum of 1300 visitors when all rooms are in use.

Air is located in the building of the legendary gay nightclub "iT" that closed in 2004. The iT had a worldwide reputation for extravagant happenings and parties.

Club Air does not have much in common with its predecessor, but its location has ensured it's reputation in the Amsterdam clubbing scene, as it has also been the source of a lot of media attention.

This of course translates into a lot of online reviews both on Google and other online media which can certainly make an interesting read if you're considering whether a night of clubbing at Air would be the thing for you or not:  

The atmosphere is also highly dependent on the type of event hosted on the night of your visit, so make sure you also check out the programming: 

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Amstelstraat 16
Amstelstraat 16