Allard Pierson Museum

Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam

The Allard Pierson Museum is the archaeology museum of the University of Amsterdam. 

The histories of the ancient civilisations of Egypt, the Near East, the Greeks, Etruria and the Roman Empire are displayed through a large collection of archaeological exhibits, plaster casts of ancient statues, art-objects and utensils, dating from 10.000 B.C. till 1000 A.D. Allard Pierson Museum

Allard Pierson

The museum is named after Allard Pierson, who became the first professor in archaeology, art history and aesthetics at the University of Amsterdam in 1877. Allard Pierson started the museum's collection with a small assemblage of plaster castings of mainly ancient Roman and Greek statues.

The Allard Pierson Museum first opened it's doors to the public in 1934. Over the years many privately owned archaeological collections have been donated to the Museum's stocks, until after moving twice because of lack of space, it moved to the large building at the Turfmarkt in 1976,  previously the headquarters of the Dutch Bank.

Special Collections

The museum building at the Oude Turfmarkt  also houses a large diversity other special collections belonging to the University of Amsterdam, among which medieval manuscripts, original Blaeu atlases, original manuscripts by several famous Dutch writers, designers, artists and scientists, together comprising one of the largest heritage libraries in Europe. 



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Allard Pierson Museum Amsterdam