Amsterdam Noord

Stadsdeel Amsterdam Noord

Amsterdam-Noord is one of the seven Amsterdam city boroughs.

Amsterdam-Noord lies on the other side of the big water known as the IJ, in the Northern part of Amsterdam. From the south shore of the IJ, Amsterdam-Noord can be reached by bicycle or on foot via one of the five (free) ferries, by car via bridge or tunnel, bus and soon also by the new metro service (a.k.a. the Noord-Zuidlijn which should be finished somewhere in 2019).

History of Amsterdam-Noord

When Amsterdam first acquired authority over the area now known as Amsterdam-Noord, in the late fourteenth century, it was little more than a small watery peninsula known as Volewijck.

Volewijk Amsterdam Galgeput
Volewijck Galgenput

Until the late eighteenth century the Volewijck peninsula would function mainly as the city's gallows field, where sentenced criminals with would be hung or garrotted and left to decompose as a grisly warning to others.

It wasn't until the nineteenth century that large areas areas of land in Noord would be drained and put to use for a variety of purposes. 

During the nineteenth century, and especially after the opening of a canal connecting the IJ directly to the Noordzee (Noordzeekanaal)Amsterdam Noord would transform into an area dedicated mainly to heavy industry and ship-building and -repair.

As a result of new industry, a need for new housing development emerged so that workers in the wharfs and factories of Amsterdam-Noord wouldn't have to cross the IJ every day. In the early twentieth century several new residential areas were planned and realised.

Over the following years a few surrounding villages and agricultural areas were annexed, bringing Amsterdam-Noord to it's current shape and size. Several neigbourhoods in Amsterdam-Noord still have a lot of pittoresque old Dutch village houses.

NDSM wharf
NDSM wharf

The 1960's saw an end to ship-building in Amsterdam-Noord. Some of the old ship wharfs and industrial areas would be renovated for new purposes. The old NDSM wharf for instance, is currently home to a large diversity of small creative and culture oriented entrepeneurs and artists.

Other previous industrial terrains have now been turned into new residential areas as the demand for new homes Amsterdam Noord has been steadily on the increase over the past decades. 

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Amsterdam Noord