Javastraat Amsterdam-Oost

Stadsdeel Amsterdam-OostAmsterdam-Oost is one of the seven Amsterdam city boroughs.

Amsterdam-Oost lies east of the Singelgracht, the canal which encircles the old center of Amsterdam.

The biggest museum in Amsterdam-Oost is the Tropenmuseum, which is also the largest ethnographic museum in the Netherlands. 

Right behind the Tropenmuseum is the Oosterpark is the main city park in Amsterdam-Oost with ponds, grass fields and recreation areas for children. 

The Dapperbuurt has the famous Dappermarkt, a large and culturally diverse market which is open six days a week.


The first residential areas in Amsterdam-Oost were the Oosterparkbuurt and de Dapperbuurt. These neighbourhoods were built in the late nineteenth century and are now refered to as Oud Oost

In the early twentieth century building in the Indische Buurt started, and between the 1920's and 1940's this neighbourhood was further expanded and the Transvaalbuurt was added. 

The Oostelijk Havengebied and IJburg areas were built in the 1990's and early 21st century respectively, and are therefore often refered to as Nieuw Oost

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Amsterdam Oost