Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Amsterdam Pipe Museum

18th century German porcelain pipeThe Amsterdam Pipe Museum, formerly known as the Pijpenkabinet, is a small museum located inside a historic canal house on the Prinsengracht in the centre of Amsterdam. Next door to the Pipe Museum is the entrance to the pipe shop Smokiana, which sells modern and antique pipes and historical books on smoking and pipes.

Inside the Pipe Museum a series of display cases is used to narrate the worldwide history and technological evolution of smoking and pipes.  

The museum started of as a private collector's archaeological collection of locally found clay pipes, first publicly displayed in 1975. The museum has since evolved into a diverse collection comprising more than 30.000 pipes and other smoking related objects, both modern and antique, and representative of all corners of the earth. 



Prinsengracht 488
Prinsengracht 488, Amsterdam