Stadsdeel Amsterdam ZuidAmsterdam-Zuid is one of Amsterdam's city boroughs.

Among locals, Amsterdam-Zuid tends to be jokingly referred to as the posh part of town (Oud-Zuid especially). That this is not necessarily entirely fabricated is reflected in the fact that Amsterdam-Zuid does have the highest per capita income of all Amsterdam's city boroughs.  

For many people visiting Amsterdam-Zuid as tourists, the Museumkwartier will be the main area of interest. The Museumkwartier contains the most prestigious museums in the city: the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Van Gogh Museum are all located here.

Other attractions nearby include the Concertgebouw and the P.C. Hooftstraat, which is known as the chicest and most expensive shopping street in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam-Zuid has a relatively high number of city parks, with the Vondelpark of course being the most popular park in Amsterdam.

Even bigger than the Vondelpark is the Amsterdamse Bos, which begins at Amsterdam-Zuid's Southern border and continues in Amstelveen.

De Pijp neighbourhood is well known for it's many interesting restaurants and bars, and of course the popular Albert Cuyp Market


Amsterdam Zuid is located South of the Singelgracht, which until the late nineteenth century constituted the outmost Southern border of Amsterdam.

The first residential areas of Amsterdam Zuid were built in the last quarter of the nineteenth century.

The area built in this first period of construction is now known as Oud-Zuid, and consists of the Museumkwartier,  de Pijp and the Willemsparkbuurt.

The second burst of construction in Amsterdam-Zuid took place between the 1920's and 1940's. The plans for this expansion were drawn up by  same architect and city planner responsible for most of the new construction going on in Amsterdam West around the same time: Hendrik Petrus Berlage.

The area built in this period is known as Nieuw-Zuid and consists of de Nieuwe PijpRivierenbuurt, DiamantbuurtStadionbuurt, Schinkelbuurt and Hoofdorppleinbuurt

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