Bijlmer Parktheater

Bijlmer Parktheater

The Bijlmer Parktheater is a theatre in the South East district of Amsterdam (Bijlmermeer). It has a regular programming of plays, musical concerts, dance, circus performances, cabaret and festivals. 

Apart from programming theatrical performances the theatre also aims to provide the population of the South-East district with extra opportunities for developing cultural and artistic talents. As such it also provides regular classes in theatre, dance and circus related disciplines. It also strives to offer a stage to local young performers who want to experiment with live performance. 

The location is in the middle of a park and has one theatre stage with a capacity of 170 spectators and one circus stage for a maximum of 270 spectators. There are also three studios and a large foyer.

Bijlmer Parktheater history

The Bijlmer Parktheater first opened its doors in 2009. The initiative for its founding was taken 5 years prior to its opening by several Amsterdam youth theatre organisations, of which several eventually moved their activities to the building and currently actively participate in the programming and organisation of classes. The theatre was built with the financial help of European Union and the Amsterdam municipality. Currently the South-East district is also the owner of the building. 

Bijlmer Parktheater calendar

Fri 11 Sep 2020
Sat 12 Sep 2020
Hem en Haar
Wed 16 Sep 2020
What if?!
Fri 25 Sep 2020
Lepeltje Lepeltje
Mon 12 Oct 2020
Wed 14 Oct 2020
Robbie en Roef
Thu 15 Oct 2020
Voices from letters
Thu 15 Oct 2020


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