The Bimhuis is a stage for improvisational music and jazz located on the Piet Heinkade in Amsterdam-OostIt also often features concerts that would be categorized as world music. Apart from concerts the live stage at the Bimhuis currently also hosts music workshops, jam sessions, youth concerts and is often used for radio or television broadcasts.

Bimhuis history 

The "BIM" part in Bimhuis derives from the professional association of musicians (Beroepsvereniging van Improviserende Musici) that originally took the initiative to open a concert hall for experimental jazz and improvisational music in 1974 Amsterdam. During the sixties and seventies Amsterdam became a hot spot for the European experimental jazz scene.  Since its opening in the seventies the Bimhuis quickly became known both nationally and internationally as one of the most important meeting places for jazz musicians and enthusiasts in the Netherlands.

The original location of the Bimhuis was at the Oude Schans in the center of Amsterdam, but in 2005 the Bimhuis moved moved to it's new location at the IJ-canal. The new location was a newly built concert hall complex specially designed for live music and events (Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ).  both the variety and number of activities organised at the Bimhuis has grown firmly since the move. 

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