Canvas terrace

Canvas is a club and restaurant on the seventh floor of the Volkshotel building in Amsterdam Oost. Being on on the seventh floor it offers a nice view of Amsterdam. The restaurant is open during weekdays and in the weekends Canvas also organizes after-restaurant club nights.

canvas club


The Volkshotel building is a large multifunctional complex, which apart from the Canvas restaurant houses a hotel, a cocktail bar (Doka) and a large collection of studios and other spaces for artists and creatives to work in (Broedplaats VKG).

From the time it was built in the early sixties, the building originally functioned as the headquarters of the Volkskrant, one of the major Dutch newspapers. After the Volkskrant editorial office was moved elsewhere in 2007 the building was up for demolition. While demolition plans were being prepared, it was decided to let artists and creative entrepreneurs use the space for their personal projects for a period of six years. During this time the Canvas restaurant and club was opened and the old Volkskrant building slowly grew into a hub for a diversity of cultural projects and businesses. 

In 2011 it was decided to cancel the demolition, and a large renovation project was started to transform the old building into a hotel including the Canvas club, the Doka bar and the original breeding ground for creative entrepreneurship which was moved to the back of the building. The Volkshotel was born. 

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