Chicago Social Club

Chicago Social Club

The Chicago Social Club is a (late-)night bar and club on the Leidseplein,  located on the former premises of the Boom Chicago Comedy Club, from which it originated.

After 16 years on the Leidseplein, in 2013 Boom Chicago moved to their new location at the Rozengracht in Amsterdam, after which the Chicago Social Club became an autonomous entity and and took over most of the former Boom Chicago building at the Leidseplein.

The Chicago Social Club is relatively spacious since there's two floors and a balcony. The Chicago Social Club is also one of the few locations in the Leidseplein area  licensed to stay open until 4:00 am all nights of the week, so it can be an interesting location for late nights out most nights of the week.

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Leidseplein 12
Leidseplein 12 Amsterdam