Cruise Inn Rock 'n Roll café

 Cruise Inn Rock 'n Roll café

Cruise Inn is a 1950's rock 'n roll oriented café in Amsterdam Oost

Cruise Inn is not always open and is located in a somewhat remote part of the city, so it's best to always check their agenda before visiting.

Cruise Inn regularly hosts live concerts and dance nights for fans of rock & roll, rockabilly, jive, hillbilly, western-swing, teddy boy rock, roots etc. They also host and organise yearly rock and roll festivals.

The Cruise Inn café is also a location of choice for jive and rock & roll dancing lessons. Both beginners and advanced dancers are invited to participate in regular dance classes. You will need to bring along a partner to participate though. 


Cruise Inn originally started in the early eighties as a clubhouse for local teenage enthousiasts of 1950's music and culture, who formed a small "rock and roll gang" known as the Bop Cats. Over the years the club house evolved into a rock and roll café and meeting spot.

As it is still a non-profit organisation, Cruise Inn is run mainly by volunteers and is only open on band nights and dance afternoons. It is possible to become a member and donate, and members get regular discounts on events and concerts. 

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Zuiderzeeweg 29
Zuiderzeeweg 29 Amsterdam