The Dappermarkt is a large market located on the Dapperstraat in Amsterdam-Oost. It is one of the busiest and most popular day markets in Amsterdam.  The Dappermarkt is open six days a week. It is visited by an average of 15.000 shoppers daily. 

The Dappermarkt is known as a typical Amsterdam neighbourhood market, although it's grown considerably bigger than most markets of its kind. With over 250 stalls it's a good place to shop for textiles, fresh foods and many other products imported from all parts of the globe. Just like the neighbourhood it originated in, the Dappermarkt is very much a multicultural market. 

The Dappermarkt owes it name to the seventeenth century doctor, geographer and historian, Olfert Dapper. The Dapperstraat was appointed an official market location in 1910, together with several other streets in Amsterdam, such as the Albert Cuypstraat.

The Dappermarkt has more than a hundred years of history and has won several national and international awards in recent years. According to National Geographic Traveler has placed it in the top ten of best shopping streets worldwide. 

Shopping area
Dappermarkt, Amsterdam