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Brakke Grond

De Brakke Grond - is a theatre and centre for Flemish culture, located on the Nes in the centre of Amsterdam

De Brakke Grond consists of two main theatre halls, with respective capacities of 500 and 120 visitors. There are two smaller event and meeting halls and a café-restaurant with a  terrace on the Nes. De Brakke Grond also hosts art exhibitions. 

De Brakke Grond was originally opened in 1981 by the Flanders government to promote Flemish culture, art and identity in the Netherlands. De Brakke Grond would do this by offering a local platform for Flemish artists active in theatre, dance, music, film and other arts. Since 2002 De Brakke Grond is a self-directed foundation with as main goal promoting the exchange of ideas and creative cooperation between Flemish and Dutch artists. 

The title " Brakke Grond" was used by locals to designate the area many centuries before the Flemish cultural centre was built here. It refers to the brackish swamp area that existed here around the 15th century when the area was host to a medieval monastery. In the 17th century a tavern with the name "Brakke Grond" was stationed here. 

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