De Ceuvel


Cafe de CeuvelFormer industrial terrain De Ceuvel has become the centre of a sustainablility oriented architectural and ecological experiment, set up to transform the area into a hub of urban cultural creativity. The Ceuvel terrain is located on the Korte Papaverweg  in Amsterdam Noord

Built out of beached houseboats and other recycled materials, the Ceuvel offices are host to a number of creative and eco- aware entrepreneurs. After opening in 2014, the Ceuvel plot quickly developed  into a blossoming culture and arts centre.

The Ceuvel terrain also houses a permanent bar-restaurant, Café de Ceuvel, which professes an eco-aware cuisine.

The Workship is an old ark transformed into a permanent mini-theater on the Ceuvel terrain where regular live performances are organised. 

The Ceuvel is regularly host to cultural events ranging from music evenings, cinema, lectures, festivals, yoga sessions and a diversity of workshops.

Visitors can also just walk around and view the entire terrain, where on several signs the details and history of the Ceuvel project are explained.

The Ceuvel project

In 2014 the old Ceuvel-Volharding shipyard plot was renovated in an entirely novel manner, following the plans of an ecology oriented group of architects.

Up-cycled second-hand houseboats (which form an abundant  waste product in the Netherlands) were put on land and completely refurbished.

The old boats were subsequently put into use for several purposes, but mainly as office spaces for creative local entrepreneurs. An experimental ecological sewage and waste system was set up to slowly purify the polluted grounds of this former industrial terrain.

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Korte Papaverweg 2
Korte Papaverweg 2 Amsterdam