De Rode hoed

Rode Hoed Amsterdam

rode hoedDe Rode Hoed is an cultural event location and centre for social debate, located in a monumental building on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam-Centrum. De Rode Hoed also frequently  hosts concerts and symposia. De Rode Hoed can also be rented for private events and celebrations. 

The main hall was originally used for religious services and has a capacity for 450 visitors. The Rode Hoed also has a café and several other rooms and halls of varying capacities available.  


Until the early 17th century this location on the Keizersgracht was home to a hat makers workshop, which also explains its current name ("lit. the red hat"). In 1630 a new building was erected here to function as a hidden Remonstrant church, which it did during the following centuries. The building functioned as church until 1957. After a period of disuse the location was renovated and reopened as centre for a debate and cultural events in 1990. The location is also being used for weekly church services again. 

Debate & culture


Keizersgracht 102
De Rode Hoed, Amsterdam