De School

De School Amsterdam

De School is a nightclub, café and restaurant, all bundled in a former technical school building in Amsterdam West.

The former technical school building has to some extent been preserved in it's original style, which gives De School a retro look and feel. 

The nightclub area of De School is located in the basement, which used to be a bicycle storage facility. It has a capacity of about 500 visitors. The management team behind the nightclub in De School was also responsible for the "Trouw club" (now closed).  De School nightclub has a 24 hour license which means they have some freedom in deciding how long to keep the party going. 

The café-restaurant serves a fixed menu and is open five days a week. Restaurant DS has a large outside terrace which makes it a nice choice for sunny days. 

De School calendar

Club | De Zomernacht 26.7
Fri 26 Jul 2019
Club | De Zomernacht 27.7
Sat 27 Jul 2019
Cafe | Storytelling at Cafe DS
Sun 28 Jul 2019
Performance | They / Them – Dance Performance
Thu 1 Aug 2019
Club | De Zomernacht 2.8
Fri 2 Aug 2019
Club | De Zomernacht 3.8
Sat 3 Aug 2019
Club | De Zomernacht 4.8
Sun 4 Aug 2019
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