De Uitkijk

De Uitkijk

Uitkijk cinemaDe Uitkijk is a small and intimate film theatre located in a historic building on the Prinsengracht the centre of Amsterdam. De Uitkijk cinema is run by students as it has been part of the Kriterion family of cinemas since 2007. 


The building that houses De Uitkijk has been in use as a cinema since 1912, making the location one of the oldest cinemas in the Netherlands, as is still very noticeable in the romantic interior.

Before being turned into a cinema, the building on the Prinsengracht was in use as a warehouse. The first cinema to be opened here in 1912 was named "City Bioscope". The location was renamed to De Uitkijk when a new director chose to transform the cinema into a avant gardist film theatre in 1929.

Up until today De Uitkijk tries to uphold the tradition of programming artistically interesting films and classics, not always shown in the many mainstream cinemas around the city. 



Prinsengracht 452
1017 KE
Prinsengracht 452, Amsterdam