The Filmhallen is a large cinema located inside the Hallen complex on the Kinkerstraat in Amsterdam-West. The Filmhallen cinema has nine screens, making it one of the biggest cinemas in Amsterdam.

The Filmhallen cinema was opened in 2014 with the rest of the Hallen complex, which is a cultural centre on the Kinkerstraat, built inside the walls of a former public transport depot.

In addition to its daily programme of the latest movies, the Filmhallen often takes part in filmfestivals and other special events. 

Filmhallen calendar

Downton Abbey
11:00 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
A Rainy Day In New York
11:00 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
Tigers Are Not Afraid
11:00 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
Diego Maradona
11:20 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
Miles Davis: Birth of the Cool
11:30 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
Blinded by the Light
11:45 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood
12:00 - Mon 16 Sep 2019
The Biggest Little Farm
12:15 - Mon 16 Sep 2019


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