Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom

Hannekes Boom is a restaurant and bar with a large terrace located in the harbour in the center of Amsterdam. Hannekes Boom is located across the water from Nemo Science Museum, about a five minute walk from the Central Station.  

The Restaurant was partly built out recycled materials and the terrace has a nice view over the water, which gives the location somewhat of a beach house feeling.

The restaurant's name "Hannekes Boom" is based on one of the 17th century guarded entrance posts based around the Amsterdam harbour, that functioned to regulate incoming ship traffic to the central waters and canals of Amsterdam. 

Hannekes Boom tends to be quite busy, especially on sunny days. Apart from food and drink Hannekes Boom regularly features live music, DJ nights and other cultural events. 

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Dijksgracht 4
Dijksgracht 4, Amsterdam