Koninklijk Concertgebouw

Het Concertgebouw
Concertgebouw in 1902
Concertgebouw in 1902

The Koninklijk Concertgebouw is a classical music concert hall complex, adjacent to the Museumplein in Amsterdam-Zuid.

The Concertgebouw is the home of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. The Concertgebouw is historically the main centre for classical music concerts in Amsterdam. 

With around 800.000 visitors a year, the Concertgebouw is also one of the best visited classical music concert locations worldwide.

The Concertgebouw has three main concert halls, of which the largest (Grote Zaal) has a capacity of around 2000 visitors. The Grote Zaal's acoustic properties are considered ideal for symphonic orchestras.

The Kleine Zaal has a capacity of 440 visitors and was built especially for chamber music concerts.

Recently another smaller concert hall was opened - the Koorzaal - with a capacity of 150 visitors. 


The Amsterdam Concertgebouw was built in 1888. The building's architecture was inspired by the Viennese classicism of the Vienna concert halls built around the same time, with a lot of decorative detail and neo-renaissancist design.

The 19th century building underwent an elaborate renovation in the late 1980's, during which a large modern glass foyer was added, which is now the main entrance. 

In honour of its 125 years of existence, in 2012 the Concertgebouw officially  received the "Koninklijk" (Royal) predicate, making it officially the "Koninklijk Concertgebouw". 

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