Kriterion is a film theatre and café run entirely by students. Kriterion is located on the Roeterstraat in Amsterdam-Centrum.

The Kriterion theatre has three screens, which are used for daily cinema programmes and special events. Kriterion also organizes and participates in regular film festivals and debate evenings with film. 

The concept for Kriterion had its origins in a small underground student resistance movement that managed to help thousands of Jewish children escape and hide during the second world war. In 1945, after liberation, the main protagonists in this group decided to organize the cinema as a way for Amsterdam university students to fund their own studies and retain financial independence.

Kriterion is organized along democratic and non-hierarchical principles, meaning all student employees essentially have the same formal position and no-one has any direct authority over the others.

Apart from the Kriterion, the society behind the project was also responsible for several other initiatives run entirely by students, such as the Studio/K cinema, club and restaurant.



Roeterstraat 170