Leidseplein Amsterdam

The Leidseplein is a square in the centre of Amsterdam, best known for its rich nightlife and the many theatres and live music venues in its vicinity. The Leidseplein and its surrounding streets are a logical hotspot for Amsterdam nightlife, populated as they are with a diversity of restaurants, cafés, bars, coffeeshops, night clubs, dancings and cinemas.

Directly on and around the square are the Stadsschouwburg theatre, the Bellevue theatre and the Delamar theatre. The two most famous pillars of live pop music in Amsterdam, Paradiso and the Melkwegare but a stone's throw away. There are also several movie theatres just on or of the square, namely: Cinecenter, Pathé City and de Uitkijk.

Many tourists enjoy a visit the Bulldog coffeeshop and bar, or one of the other well know coffeeshops in the area. The many bars, cafés and restaurants in the  small streets surrounding the square are also quite popular among the tourist crowd.

The Leidseplein is also directly connected to the Vondelpark via the Max Eeuweplein, which also has a lot of restaurants and bars. 

The Leidseplein was named after the historic road from Amsterdam to the city of Leiden, the main port to which was located on this square until the second half of the nineteenth century.

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Leidseplein Amsterdam