Museum Het Grachtenhuis

Herengracht 386

Het Grachtenhuis is a museum dedicated to the history of Amsterdam, with a clear focus on the 17th century Grachtengordel area. The museum is located in a monumental mansion ("herenhuis") on the Herengracht, in the  famous Canal District (Grachtengordel) of central Amsterdam

The Grachtenhuis museum was opened shortly after the seventeenth-century canals of Amsterdam were added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. "Gracht" is the Dutch word for canal and "huis" simply means house

Many of the larger luxurious mansions in the Amsterdam Canal District have their origins in the Dutch Golden Age (which is roughly the 17th century).  As a result of the often numerous renovations, restorations and reconstructions throughout the past centuries, these characteristic buildings display many different architectural styles and facades.

Through a clever use of modern multimedia the Grachtenhuis Museum helps the visitor visualise the last 400 years of history of the Amsterdam Canal District



Herengracht 386
Herengracht 386 Amsterdam