Nationale Opera en Ballet

Nationale Opera en Ballet

The Nationale Opera en Ballet is a large theatre situated near the Waterlooplein in Amsterdam-CentrumAs the name would suggest the theatre was built especially for opera and ballet performances. The theatre also functions as the homebase of De Nationale Opera and Het Nationale Ballet theatre companies. 

The Nationale Opera en Ballet theatre location was formerly known as Muziektheater Amsterdam. The name change occurred in 2013 after an official merger of Het Muziektheater, De Nederlandse Opera en Het Nationale Ballet. The building the theatre is situated in, is also commonly referred to as the Stopera by locals, but this is not an official name. 

The theatre was built in the early 1980's and officially opened its doors in 1986. The theatre consists of one large main hall with a total of 1633 seats, and several large foyers.

The theatre shares the complex with the Amsterdam-Centrum city hall.

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