Nederlands Marionettentheater

Poppen van het Nederlands Marionettentheater

PinokkioHet Nederlands Marionettentheater is a marionette theatre based in the Jacob Obrechtstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid.

The Marionettentheater hosts marionette performances filled with humor and music, mainly aimed at young audiences. The Marionettentheater is currently housed in an allocated theatre hall in the Jacob Obrechtskerk.  New productions are introduced on a regular basis, often based on age-old fairy tale classics, such as Pinokkio, Aladdin and Rumpelstiltskin.

All performances are in Dutch. 


The Nederlands Marionettentheater has been active since 1923. It's first performances were given in an attic on the Keizersgracht, where founder Bert Brugman lived in his parental house. With the help of vocalists and musicians, complete operas were played out in an improvised attic theatre hall at the Keizersgracht address. 

By 1930 the theatre was popular enough to open in its own location on the Breestraat. The following years were so successful that the Marionettentheater was constantly fully booked and would also do several international tours.

The 1950's brought a new form of fame to the Marionettentheater, when it was commissioned to perform the first Dutch children television series  "De Dappere Dodo", which ran from 1955 until 1964.

Since 2002 the theatre has been performing at its current location on the Jacob Obrechtstraat, where it organises family-oriented marionette plays on a regular basis.



Jacob Obrechtstraat 28
1071 KM