Pathé Tuschinski


Tuschinski theatrePathé Tuschinski is a movie theatre and event centre well-known for its original 1920's lavish art deco interior. The Tuschinski film theatre is named after it's founder, Abraham Tuschinski, who had it constructed on the Reguliersbreestraat in the centre of Amsterdam in 1921.

No costs were spared in the opulent decorative design and construction of the Tuschinski theatre, and its technical installations were also made up of the most modern technologies available in the first half of the twentieth century.

The Tuschinski theatre has six screens, and the largest hall is often used for Dutch premiere events. 

The Tuschinski cinema is currently owned by the Pathé chain of cinemas. who renovated and modernised the theatre in the early twenty first century.


Abraham Tuschinski was a Polish Jewish emigrant who, on his way to the United States, decided to remain in the Dutch harbour city of Rotterdam.

Tuschinski made his fortunes in Rotterdam, first with a boarding house and subsequently with the exploitation of several large film theatres. The Tuschinski theatre in Amsterdam was built to be to be the crown on his cinema empire. 

Tuschinski's life ended tragically at the onset of the Second World War. Most of his cinemas were lost in the 1940's  Rotterdam bombardments by the Nazis. During the ensuing nazi occupation Tuschinski was himself deported and gassed in Auschwitz in 1942.



Reguliersbreestraat 26-34
Tuschinski cinema, Amsterdam