Pianola Museum

Pianola Museum

The Pianola Museum is a small museum and concert hall located on the Westerstraat in the Jordaan neighbourhood of  Amsterdam. The Pianola Museum is dedicated entirely to the history of the pianola, or automatic piano.

The museum can be visited daily, and is filled with a variety of pianolas, player pianos and related exhibits. Visitors to the Pianola Museum can attend guided tours that will educate them both on the history and the mechanical workings of the self playing pianolas on exhibition.

The pianola museum also houses an impressive archive of around 30.000 music scrolls playable on the diverse collection of instruments the museum has collected.

Several times a week the museum also plays host to a diversity of live music concerts. Sometimes these concerts directly involve pianolas, and sometimes they are hosted just for their artistic worth.  

See the Pianola Museum's concert calendar for more information on concerts.

Concert hall


Westerstraat 106
Pianola Museum, Amsterdam