Podium Mozaïek

Podium Mozaïek

Podium Mozaïek is a theatre located in the former Pniëlkerk church building on the Bos en Lommerweg in Amsterdam-WestPerformances in Podium Mozaïek are mainly in the genres of world music, theater, cabaret, storytelling, comedy and dance.  

In Podium Mozaïek's program a lot of attention goes to the cultural diversity characteristic of modern urbanised societies and the dynamics, and the cross-overs this produces in the performing arts.

Podium Mozaïek also organises educative programmes for elementary and secondary schools.

The Podium Mozaïek building is also home to a popular cafe-restaurant with terrace. 

Mozaiek calendar

Mozaïek Sneak #1 - - - Met: World Opera Lab
Thu 28 May 2020
Mozaïek Sneak #2 - - - Met: Riza Tisserand
Thu 11 Jun 2020
Mozaïek Sneak #3 - - - Met: La Banda Fantástica
Thu 25 Jun 2020
Opening expositie - - - Jeroen ter Welle
Thu 2 Jul 2020


Bos en Lommerweg 191