Nachtwacht statuesThe Rembrandtplein is a lively square in the centre of  Amsterdam. Nowadays the Rembrandtplein is perhaps best known for it's abundance of clubsbars and restaurants. It borders on the Thorbeckeplein which is also a popular nightlife area.

The Rembrandtplein is named after Rembrandt van Rijn, the iconic 17th century Dutch master painter, who lived quite nearby in what is now known as the Rembrandthuis. A large cast iron statue of Rembrandt marks the centre of the Rembrandtplein.


The location of the Rembrandtplein was originally adjacent to the third port in the Amsterdam city walls which had been built in the fifteenth century. In the seventeenth century the square was in use as a dairy market locally known as the Botermarkt. It retained this name until 1876, when its was officially renamed to RembrandtspleinThe large commemorative cast iron statue of Rembrandt van Rijn had already been placed there twenty years earlier. Rembrandt's statue is the oldest existing public statue in Amsterdam.

The late nineteenth century is also the period the Rembrandtplein started filling up with grand cafés, hotels and bars.  Nowadays the Rembrandtplein and it's surrounding areas are one of Amsterdam's most popular nightlife hotspots. 

A renovation of the square in 2009 left Rembrandt's statue surrounded by 22 bronze figures representing the characters depicted in his most famous painting: "De Nachtwacht". The actual oil painting masterpiece is exhibited in the nearby Rijksmuseum.

Restaurant area
Area with clubs and bars