Amsterdam Roest

Amsterdam Roest is a café / bar located in a former industrial building on the embankment of the Jacob Bontiusplaats industrial estate in Amsterdam-Centrum. Roest features a large terrace next to a canal, and an indoor restaurant / bar area. 

Roest frequently hosts various cultural and entertainment events such as concerts, dance nights with DJ's, theatrical performances, cinema and art exhibitions and even sport classes.

The Roest premises also features a large industrial hall (van Gendthallen) built in the 19th century. Originally built and used for constructing trains and ship engines, the large hall is suitable for events with up to 1000 visitors and is now utilised for a variety of events such as day markets or club nights.

Amsterdam Roest calendar

Begin je weekend met Sounder & Dizzy Tarantino
17:00 - Fri 21 Jun 2019
Uit de keuken: insectenmaaltijd
12:00 - Sat 22 Jun 2019
Insectenjacht met Lopa
15:00 - Sat 22 Jun 2019
Sthira Yoga community class
15:00 - Sun 23 Jun 2019
Begin je weekend met Highrollers: Andrejetski X Left&Right
17:00 - Fri 28 Jun 2019
Kookworkshop met India
15:00 - Sat 29 Jun 2019
High Tea op zondag
12:00 - Sun 30 Jun 2019
Sthira Yoga community class
15:00 - Sun 30 Jun 2019
Music venue or club


Jacob Bontiusplaats 213