The National Maritime Museum in Amsterdam is equipped to impress on it's visitors the vast influence of the sea and maritime history on the development of Dutch culture and national identity. Interactive exhibitions allow visitors to explore 500 years of maritime history in the Netherlands.

VOC ship
VOC ship replica

The National Maritime Museum has one of the largest maritime collections in the world, consisting mainly of historical paintings, weapons, nautical maps (some originals by the Blaeu family), ship models and several full-sized historical boats and ships. Over 300 K objects have been collected and donated by shipping companies, historians and private collectors interested in marine and maritime history.  

The museum also has a life-size replica 18th century VOC trade-ship that can be entered and an authentic 1900 icebreaker steamboat.

 's Lands Zeemagazijn

The monumental building currently housing the museum is a part of maritime history itself. It was built in 1656 as a storehouse for canons, rope, sails, drinking water, ammunition and other maritime equipment, first for the Amsterdam war fleet, and from the end of the eighteenth century the Dtuch National Marine. In 1973 the National Maritime Museum moved there from it's previous location at the De Lairessestraat and the  Cornelis Schuytstraat, where it had originally been opened in 1916. 



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