Schouwburg Amstelveen

Schouwburg Amstelveen

Schouwburg Amstelveen is a theatre and cinema located in the shopping centre Stadshart in Amstelveen. The Amstelveen Schouwburg  programme is diverse and includes theatre, films, concerts, festivals and lectures. 

The Schouwburg Amstelveen was built and opened in 1975, and was thoroughly redesigned, renovated and modernised in 2000-2001. 

The Schouwburg has a large theatre hall with a capacity of 680 seated visitors, a smaller theatre with 230 seats and a cinema with 150 seats. The theatre halls and two large foyers can also be rented for private events. 

Schouwburg Amstelveen calendar

Youp van 't Hek -
Tue 27 Aug 2019
Youp van 't Hek -
Wed 28 Aug 2019
Blind Date -
Sun 1 Sep 2019
List, Shaffy & Piaf -
Mon 23 Sep 2019
Najib Amhali -
Thu 26 Sep 2019
Najib Amhali -
Fri 27 Sep 2019
Najib Amhali -
Sat 28 Sep 2019
Kunst & Kids Festival -
Sun 29 Sep 2019
Concert hall


Stadsplein 100
1181 ZM