Sexmuseum Amsterdam

Sex Museum Amsterdam

Stone PhallusThe Sex Museum or "Venustempel" is located in in a 17th century property on the Damrak, near the Central Station in the centre of Amsterdam. The minimum admission age is 16.

As the name would suggest, the Sex Museum exhibits an extensive collection of erotic pictures, paintings, objects, recordings and photographs.

The Sex Museum was opened in 1985 exhibiting only a small collection of 19th century objects. The museum quickly became a success and expanded it's collection and exhibition space over the following years. 

The "Venustempel" is now one of the well-visited museums in Amsterdam. Other sex museums have opened in several European cities, following the example of the Amsterdam Venus temple.

The collection is displayed in two houses in the back of the building and a house on the front, connected by a stairwell.

The exhibits in the Sex Museum are thematically ordered to illustrate a chronological progression of cultural interpretations of eroticism throughout human history.



Damrak 18
Damrak 18, Amsterdam