Sound Garden

Sound Garden

Café Sound Garden is a pub located near the corner of the Rozengracht and Marnixstraat in the centre of Amsterdam. Soundgarden has been part of the Amsterdam alternative music and rock scene since 1993, and has a somewhat uncomplicated and permissive atmosphere drawing a very varied crowd. 

Soundgarden has quite a large backyard on the canal, which serves as a good place to sit and enjoy a sunny day with a couple of beers. 

Some nights Soundgarden will have one or more DJ's playing records, and other nights it's just whatever the bartenders decide to put on. Occasionally there are live acoustic sessions, local punk band concerts, dances and minifestivals. 

Should you get bored anyway: for recreation they have a pinball machine, a table football game and a pool table.

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Marnixstraat 164 -166
Marnixstraat 166, Amsterdam