Stadsarchief Amsterdam

De Bazel
Bazel Schatkamer

Stadsarchief Amsterdam, formerly know as gemeentearchief Amsterdam, is the municipality's main storage facility for official archives and historic documentation.

Stadsarchief Amsterdam organises publicly accessible on site exhibitions and events on a regular basis. Public tours of the impressive monumental Bazel building, and the "treasury" (Schatkamer) containing the most impressive objects in the collection, are organised several times a week.

The Stadsarchief collects much more than the official municipal documentation. Stadsarchief Amsterdam potentially stores any archival materials with historical value related to the city of Amsterdam and its inhabitants.

Apart from about fifty kilometers of archives, the Stadsarchief collection is comprised of millions of photos, drawings, prints, topographical maps, books, film and video material, much of which has been digitised and can be accessed online. 

De Bazel

Stadsarchief Amsterdam is located in the centre of Amsterdam, in a monumental historic building, known as De Bazel. De Bazel is named after its chief architect, Karel de Bazel, who designed it with the intent to be expressive of a higher divine order, in accordance with his esoteric theosophic convictions. 

De Bazel was originally constructed to be the headquarters of the Nederlandse Handels Maatschappij (Dutch Trade Association), the unofficial successor to the Vereenigde Oostindische Compagnie which was disbanded in 1800. The Nederlandse Handels Maatschappij used the building until its end in 1964. 



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