Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam

Amsterdam, grote zaalThe Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam is a monumental theatre located on the Leidseplein in the centre of Amsterdam. It is the home theatre of Toneelgroep Amsterdam, which is the largest theatre company in the Netherlands. 


Schouwburg is an archaic Dutch term for theatre, and the title "stadsschouwburg" traditionally serves to designate a theatre as a city's most prominent theatre. The original Stadsschouwburg in Amsterdam was opened in 1638 on the Keizersgracht. 

The current Stadsschouwburg on the Leidseplein is the fourth in the lineage of Amsterdam Stadsschouwburg buildings. It was built in 1894 after the previous Stadschouwburg on the Leidseplein had burnt to the ground several years earlier. 

In 2009 a large renovation was carried out on the building during which an additional hypermodern theatre hall was added to the back of the theatre (Rabozaal), and new offices were built in the back of the building. The new Rabozaal has a maximum capacity of 800 seats but can also be used for seatless events with a larger number of visitors. 

The original theatre hall, now known as Grote Zaal, has a capacity for 800 seated visitors. The Grote Zaal has several balconies and is shaped in the traditional horseshoe shape that was in fashion in the nineteenth century, when visiting the theatre was as much about being seeing the public as it was about seeing the play on stage. 



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