Studio/K is a film theatre, a café-restaurant and club, located on the Timorplein, in Amsterdam-Oost. It is a dependency of the Kriterion film theatre,  and Studio/K is managed and run completely by students. 

Studio/K's cinema consists of two movie theatres, one with 153 seats and a smaller hall with 74 seats. The club space has a capacity of around 280 visitors and the café-restaurant has about 50 seats. 

Friday nights in Studio/K is usually club night, where either local or visiting DJ's are invited to get the party going on the dance floor. 

Both the Studio/K club and café are frequently host to live music performances (mainly singer-songwritership hop, soul, jazz, funk) or DJ sets. The Studio/K stage is also regularly used for cultural evenings, lectures or public discussions, small film - and music festivals.

Studio/K's two movie theatres, club and café can also be rented for private events.

Music venue or club


Timorplein 62