Theater De Roode Bioscoop

Theater De Roode Bioscoop

De Roode BioscoopTheater De Roode Bioscoop is a small intimate theatre for live music, cabaret and poetry performances. It is located on the Haarlemmerplein in Amsterdam-Centrum. De Roode Bioscoop has a capacity of about 70 visitors and can also be hired for private events. 

De Roode Bioscoop has been functioning as a theatre and cultural centre since the 1970's. Although "Bioscoop" would usually suggest a cinema, there have been no films programmed there since the late 1930's.

De Roode Bioscoop did start out as a cinema in the early twentieth century, originally under the name of "Westerbioscoop". The 1913 owner was a social anarchist, who employed the cinema in the service of socialist propaganda and eventually chose the suitable new name "Roode Bioscoop" for it (lit. Red Cinema).

After many years of socialist films, the Roode Bioscoop was forced to close its doors shortly before the beginning of World War II, mainly because of financial woes. 

It wasn't until the 1970's that the location would be used as a theatre again, when it was taken into use by a  local theatrical company (Flint).

Nowadays the Roode Bioscoop has a very diverse programme of theatre, cabaret, literary and music performances. 

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