The Tolhuistuin is a cultural centre located on the banks of the IJ river in Amsterdam-Noord, just opposite of Amsterdam Central Station. It is a stone's throw away from the EYE Film Museum. The Tolhuistuin complex consists of three concert and theatre halls, a large outdoor area, a dance studio, a café-restaurant and several exhibition spaces. 

Programming of cultural events at the Tolhuistuin is coordinated by several cultural and artistic organisations, amongst which the Stichting Tolhuistuin takes a leading role. Paradiso regularly programs concerts and club evenings in the Tolhuistuin using the name Paradiso Noord.


Tolhuistuin literaly translates to "tollhouse gardens". The tollhouse that the Tolhuistuin area was garden to, was built in 1859, and although tolls are no longer charged it also still exists adjacent to the complex.

The tradition of concerts in the Tolhuistuin dates back to the late nineteenth century when the garden area functioned somewhat like a public park.

In the latter half of the twentieth century the Southern part of the Tolhuistuin complex was used by the Shell Oil company as an employee restaurant. After Shell left the terrain, it was decided to renovate the complex and reopen it as a hub for cultural activity in the area. The Tolhuistuin finally opened in its current form in 2014.

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Buiksloterweg 5C
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Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam