Toomler is a comedy theatre and café located on the Breitnerstraat in Amsterdam-Zuid. It is the home theatre of the Dutch stand-up comedians company "Comedytrain". Toomler's theatre space has a capacity of about 150 guests.

Toomler has functioned as springboard for many well known Dutch comedians, and is still a stage where many of them will appear on a regular basis.

With regards to the American-styled genre of stand-up comedy, Toomler was one of the first stages in the Netherlands to pay it serious attention, and open a Dutch language stage for it. The name of the club, "Toomler", is based on a Yiddish term used for young comedians in 1930's New York.   

Although Toomler's stage is mainly used for comedians performing their standup comedy routines, occasionally Toomlers is used as a stage for open stage evenings,  live music performances and other special events.

Although inspired by American stand-up comedy, the usual language for Toomler's standup shows is still usually Dutch unless announced otherwise. 



Breitnerstraat 2
1077 BL