Volta is a cultural youth center, music stage and music school in Amsterdam-West. Volta is located near the east exit of the Westerpark, on the Houtmankade.

Volta is part of a non-profit organisation, and organises activities for local young people, from ages eight up to about twenty five.

The Volta building consists of a concert hall, a rehearsal studio, several spaces for lessons and a sport/dance studio.

Volta offers young participants cheap rehearsal space and equipment, music courses and a stage for young starting musicians to play their debut concerts on. Volta also hosts dance and sports lessons for kids. 

Volta regularly hosts DJ nights and live music concerts by local artists, mainly aimed at a younger audience. 

Volta calendar

Volta's Local Playground: Jackie Knows + Stupid Bloody Tuesday
Thu 28 Mar 2019
OK Comedy! Open-Mic Comedy
Fri 29 Mar 2019
Gothique Classique IX
Sat 30 Mar 2019
Juliana Braga
Sat 30 Mar 2019
Album release
Sun 31 Mar 2019
Volta's Local Playground: Red Riding Hoods + Downtown District
Thu 4 Apr 2019
Volta Metal Night
Fri 5 Apr 2019
volta's local playground
Fri 5 Apr 2019
Music venue or club


Houtmankade 336