De Vondelbunker is an autonomous independent cultural center, café and music venue, located under the Vondelbrug in the Amsterdam Vondelpark.

De Vondelbunker is used for a diversity of parties, exhibitions, film screenings, discussion evenings and other creative and activist happenings. De Vondelbunker is run on a non-profit basis by volunteers. 

Vondelbunker history

The location was originally built in 1947 as an nuclear shelter. In the 1950's it shortly functioned as youth café and school for rock and roll music and dance. 

Just before the flower power years, in '68, the location made some history when it opened as a small club and concert hall named Beatkelder Lijn 3 (lit. Beat-cellar). Although the Beatkelder Lijn 3 only existed for one year, it became well known as a hangout for local beatniks and gained some fame because of a spontaneous Pink Floyd concert on location. 

In the eighties the location functioned as a rehearsal studio for local bands.

In 2013 de Vondelbunker was re-opened in it's present guise. 

Music venue or club


Vondelpark 8 (inside the bridge)
Vondelpark 8, Amsterdam