Vrankrijk Amsterdam

Vrankrijk is an autonomous political café located in the centre of Amsterdam, that has its origins in the 1980's Amsterdam punk and squatters movements.

The Vrankrijk building was squatted in 1982 to prevent demolition, and was bought up by the the former squatters ten years later. It is still both a place of residence for former squatters and a center for political activism. Regular squat meetings are still organised in Vrankrijk.

The Vrankrijk building has a café, a mini concert hall and a space for discussion and meetings. Vrankrijk is a meeting and event space used by several local political and cultural activist groups. Vrankrijk is also regularly host to alternative culture concerts and events. 

The Vrankrijk café was closed by the Amsterdam mayor in 2008, after a visitor was very severely beaten and thrown out on the street by participants of the café. Eventually it was allowed to reopen two years later. 

Vrankrijk calendar

SKSU – kraakspreekuur / squatting consultation
Thu 23 May 2019
vrijdag vrankrijk voku
Fri 24 May 2019
punk night!
Fri 24 May 2019
Sehaq Queer Party & SÄYE SKYE
Sat 25 May 2019
medical mondays
Mon 27 May 2019
Wtf queer voku
Wed 29 May 2019
wtf wednesday queer night: Miss Eaves
Wed 29 May 2019
SKSU – kraakspreekuur / squatting consultation
Thu 30 May 2019
Music venue or club


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