Winston Kingdom


Winston Kindom is a club, hostel and bar combination, located in between the Dam Square and the Red Light District on the Warmoestraat in the centre of Amsterdam.

The Winston Club regularly hosts club nights and DJ performances. The club also has a stage for live music concerts, and is a favourite stage for cult bands of both local and international fame.

The Winston hotel started of as a somewhat sleazy hotel and artist hangout. Reportedly large parts of the script for the famous Pulp Fiction movie were written there by Quentin Tarantino whilst staying there in his early twenties. Nowadays the hostel business is run by the UK backpackers hostel company St. Christophers.

The Winston Kingdom building complex dates back to 1911 and consists of three neighboring historical buildings. The buildings were thoroughly renovated in 1995. 

Music venue or club


Warmoesstraat 129
Warmoestraat 129, Amsterdam