Zaal 100

Zaal 100

Zaal 100 logoZaal 100 is a live music / performing arts stage, combined with restaurant, located in the Staatsliedenbuurt in Amsterdam-West

Zaal 100 has its origins in the 1980's Amsterdam squatters movement. In 1984 the location was squatted by a group of of artists who subsequently worked and lived there, and organised cultural events on stage. Nowadays Zaal 100 is a neighbourhood oriented cultural centre run by volunteers. Zaal 100 tries to provide accessible cultural performances and the space and opportunity to organise those to local creatives. 

The Zaal 100 stage is mainly used for theatre, live concerts, dance performances, poetry, exhibitions and information meetings.

The restaurant in the Zaal 100 building, appropriately named Restaurant 100, is open on Wednesdays and Fridays and serves very affordable vegetarian food. 

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De Wittenstraat 100
1052 BA