Zonnehuis Amsterdam-Noord

The Zonnehuis is a Zonnehuis theatremonumental theatre located on the Zonneplein in the Tuindorp Oostzaan area of Amsterdam-Noord

Currently the Zonnehuis is mainly used for theatre performances, workshops, concerts, musicals and other cultural events. The large theatre hall has a capacity of 425 visitors. 

The Zonnehuis was originally built in 1932, and is considered exemplary of the famous "Amsterdamse Stijl" of architecture. The Zonnehuis was originally built to provide space for the activities of local leisure associations of the working class of Tuindorp Oostzaan, and the workers of the old NDSM ship wharf, which only two kilometers away. The Zonnehuis was built to be not just a theatre but also a cultural community center. It was also used as a cinema and for local competitive sport events. 

The Zonnehuis building was rescued from municipal demolition plans in 1993 and was declared a national monument several years later. Consequently it was renovated and restored to its original function as theatre. 

Het Zonnehuis calendar

Altijd zal ik van je houden (Hommage Toon Hermans - openbare repetitie)
Fri 30 Aug 2019
Thu 5 Sep 2019
Paradiso presenteert: Steve Gunn
Fri 6 Sep 2019
Zangeres Ingrid Souren rocks solo with blues, chanson, bossa en meer
Sat 7 Sep 2019
Paradiso presenteert: John Paul White
Wed 11 Sep 2019
Het Danspaleis
Thu 12 Sep 2019
Paradiso presenteert: Astrid S.
Fri 20 Sep 2019
SoWhat Familieconcert
Sun 29 Sep 2019


Zonneplein 30